A muddy good time at the Kingman Island Bluegrass Fest

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May 15th, 2017 A muddy good time at the Kingman Island Bluegrass Fest
The Kingman Island Bluegrass & Folk Festival didn't let a damp day and muddy conditions get in the way. A full slate of local bands played all day long on Kingman Island, one of those hidden DC spots, tucked away on the Anacostia River, near RFK Stadium.
May 5th, 2017 Fancy Animal Carnival
The Fancy Animal Carnival has just arrived in town. You'll find the animals at CityCenter, the park at 6th and Mass, and 13th and NY Avenue. In addition to these giant animals, there is also a small fancy sheep which will move around downtown D.C.
April 24th, 2017 “First Person: Conversations with Survivors” at the Holocaust Museum
Through the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's "First Person" program series, visitors can learn about history from the remarkable people who lived through it. On April 12, visitors heard from Henry Greenbaum, a survivor of Auschwitz and Flossenburg.
April 20th, 2017 Classic Cars on the Mall
If you are near the Mall anytime before May 4th, look in the middle of the Mall and you'll see a giant glass case with a car inside it. For the third year, the Historic Vehicle Association is sponsoring an exhibit featuring classic cars. The first car featured this year is the Gypsy Rose 1964 Chevrolet Impala lowrider. It will soon be exchanged for the McGee Roadster 1932 Ford V8 hotrod, later followed by the Hirohata Merc 1951 Mercury Coupe.
April 6th, 2017 Big Birds and a Bigger Heart: The Story of Mr. Stotts and His Raptors
A mottled brown bird with stunning orange eyes and a wingspan the size of a sixth-grader landed with a thud against the arm of Rodney Stotts. The bird -- a Eurasian eagle owl named Mr. Hoots -- and Stotts have had a long partnership, and Stotts greeted the impact of his arrival with warmth.
February 24th, 2017 Kusama!