Documenting #TheResistance
At Saturday's protest against Trump's ban on Muslim immigration © 2017 Jeffrey K. Morris
January 30, 2017
DC Focused has always covered protests but never to the extent that we have in the past two weeks. And there doesn't seem to be any end in sight to the demonstrations against the new administration and its policies. Saturday's outcry against the Trump ban on immigration from seven Muslim countries was quite impressive, as was the protest against the ban at Dulles International Airport.

This blog has always had a spirit of openness to all members of our community, irregardless of skin color, religion, political beliefs or who they love. We've tried to focus on the events and people that make the DMV such an interesting and wonderful place to live but, for now, there's no ignoring the feelings of angst, anger and defiance that many in our community are feeling.
Life in metro Washington, D.C. as chronicled by the area's photographers.
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Bearing Witness

As photographers, many of us share those feelings and feel it is our responsibility to document what is happening in the nation’s capital, not only for those of us who live here but for people all over the world. Their eyes are upon us.

Title image © 2017 Jeffrey K. Morris. The contributors in this post are part of a group of DC photographers who are documenting the inaugural events and Women’s March on Washington for UnPresidented: The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump and the People’s Response.


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